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Engagement Highlights

  • Discovery and planning
  • Whiteboarding of potential API blueprints and Architectures
  • Deployment options for your API Environment
  • API lifecycle Best Practices
  • PVU Licensing Support
  • Racking, stacking, installation and configuration setup of API Gateway, Management server and Dev Portal
  • Implement REST and SOAP APIs
  • API Toolkit, Assembly and Mapping
  • Implement Security
  • Managing , Monitoring and Analyzing API traffic
  • Mentor and Train

Implement your Digital transformation & API Strategy with us using IBM API Connect

 Key Deliverables

  • Potential use cases for API
  • API Economy journey and road maps
  • API topologies for both prod and non prod in the cloud or on-prem
  • Install, configuration and Best practices document
  • API Gateway, API manager and Dev portal up and running in the  
  • cloud or on-prem with HA and DR
  • Design, development and deployment of one of the key APIs
  • API Security Implementation
  • JSON-to-SOAP and SOAP-to-JSON transformations
  • Learn how to successfully develop, utilize, manage and monitor your API environments
  • Team Enablement