API Management

Industry:  Retail & Transportation

​Implemented end-to-end API Management solution using IBM API Connect and existing Datapower Gateways for one of our IBM Platinum Business Partner's customers. Provided API Architecture Support, Best practices, Installation, configuration, administration, Integration Architecture support, API Design, Implementation and Mentoring.

Enabled exposure of APIs to external Business Partners quickly and securely saving the implementation cost by providing an innovative approach for their API Developer community.  Offered 3rd party merchants  secure standards-based access to key business services as APIs with a self-service experience.

Industry:  Healthcare
REST based API Design, Mappings, Transformations, Security, Implementation and Mentoring.

Simplified API Integration, Design and Development. API's enabled web and mobile access to diagnostic tools,  connect with physicians and patients, or a hospital or healthcare practice that wants to provide faster, more up-to-date patient information. Helped patients and providers gain more access to their health information. ​

​Hybrid Cloud Integration

​Industry: Technology(identity and secure transaction)

Integrated SalesForce and AWS SQS using IBM Cast Iron(App Connect) for a customer who completes over 10 million secured financial transactions each day.

​We provided complete integration solution that bridge the gap between the on-premise existing systems and new cloud applications, platform, and infrastructure, providing a rapid and easy-to-use method of setting up the integrations.